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RECOUNT: The lie detector



Vlog Assigment 4 – Recount – Assignment sheet, rubric and evaluation Recount Booklet – The language booklet with useful phrases for this assignment Storyboard for recount – Storyboard for recount

Assignment Description

For this assignment you will play a game called ‘Lie Detector’. Each group will have 3 people. How to play ‘Lie Detector’

  1. First, an object is shown to the audience.
  2. Then, the group members recount stories trying to convince the audience the object is theirs.
  3. Next, the audience tries to guess who is telling the truth.
  4. Finally, the group members reveal who really owns the object.

Advice for your video:

  • Use recount language learnt in class (from the ‘Recount Booklet’)
  • Test the video and sound quality before filming.

To Submit:

  • 1 video blog (5-10 minutes long)
  • 1 storyboard
  • 1 evaluation

student videos

Here is a video made by Joel, Selvi and Adele, three teachers at Pentagon SMA 10 Here are some other examples:


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