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Storyboard template for INTRODUCTIONS: How well do you know….

storyboard template

storyboard for film review – Storyboard template for OPINIONS: Movie Rview

storyboard for instructions – Storyboard template for INSTRUCTIONS: How to….

What is a Storyboard?

In lesson two we will be learning about storyboards. A storyboard is used to plan scenes in a movie. It can show the order in which events happen. Making a storyboard is a good way to make sure your video has the correct structure.

Here are two storyboards from famous movies. Can you guess which movies they are from?


x men 2

Did you guess? The movies are: Frozen and X Men.

Here is an example of a storyboard for INTRODUCTIONS: How well do you know your friend?


To make a storyboard, follow the correct structure for your video. Draw a picture in the box that explains what you will do in each part of the video. Underneath the picture, write a description of each section. Below is an example of a successful storyboard for the assignment OPINIONS: Movie Review.

DSCN1997 (2)

Notice how these students have written a detailed overview of what they will do in each part of their video.

Below is a successful storyboard made by two students for the assignment “INSTRUCTIONS: How to Survive at Pentagon High School.”

These students have provided a good summary of each section. This demonstrates their understanding of the video structure.




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