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Vlog Assignment 3: Instructions, Advice and Warning

Video Blog 3: How to survive at Pentagon High School

For this assignment you will be creating an instructional video in groups of 2. In this video you will teach someone how to survive at Pentagon High school.

Example video topics: how to survive a spider in the mandi, how to survive maths class, how to survive wild pigs and dogs, how to survive a power outage, how to survive the study room, how to be school principal, etc.

Advice for your video:

  • Make sure everyone talks! You need to have a conversation to show your listening skills.
  • Use the correct structure (introduction, instructions – with advice and warnings, conclusion).
  • Use instruction language learnt in class (from the ‘Giving Instructions Booklet’)
  • Test the video and sound quality before filming.

To submit:

  • 1 video blog (5-10 minutes long)
  • 1 storyboard
  • 1 evaluation

here are some examples:

A funny instructional video

A creative cooking video

Teaching someone internet slang

Good video production: how to survive a zombie apocalypse

How to learn Indonesian: