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Introductions – Vlog 1


Video Blog 1: how well do you know your friend?

Instructions for video blog (vlog):

Make a video with a friend. Ask each other questions to see how well you know each other. Watch the example vlogs and use a creative approach in your own video.


  • 1 video blog and 1 evaluation
  • 2-5 min long
  • 2 people (work in pairs)
  • Submit on a USB (flash drive) in mp4 format

In lesson two we will be learning about storyboards. A storyboard is used to plan scenes in a movie. It can show the order in which events happen.

Here are three storyboards from famous movies. Can you guess which movies they are from?

frozen spiderman x men 2

Did you guess? The movies are: Frozen, Spiderman 2, and X Men.

Try making your own storyboard. Use three boxes to structure your video. Label each box ‘Beginning’ ‘Middle’ and ‘End.’ Have a look at the example below:



You will know if your storyboard is successful if:

  • it has an introduction, middle and an end
  • it has simple illustrations for each box
  • it has an explanation of how you will test each other
  • it has an explanation of the punishment for the loosing person
  • it has an explanation of how the video will end

There is a storyboard template available on the ‘Worksheets’ page.



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