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Creative Drama and English Learning Workshop


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Creative Drama in the English Classroom

APRIL 23rd, 09:00 – 13:00, PENTAGON SMA 10

Creative Drama to enhance student engagement in High School English Learning

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Creative Drama
  • Why use Creative Drama in the classroom?
  • Teacher resources
  • Planning for Creative Drama in the English Classroom


*Workshop includes a

performance of ALADDIN

by students of Pentagon SMA 10


Workshop Schedule

9:00 – 10:00

Drama Performance, Aladdin

10:00 – 10:30

Morning tea break

10:30 -12:00

Role play

Introduction, rationalization, overview of creative drama techniques

Teacher group work activity: Putting Creative Drama Techniques into Practice

12:00 – 13:30

Lunch break and informal question time for Adele, Joel and Ima

1:30 – 15:00

Ima presentation: Creative games for the English classroom

Presentation of the group work activity: Putting Creative Drama Techniques into Practice followed by reflection and discussion

Introduction of the assignment task


Workshop Presenters

Salimatus Shadri (Fasilitator Pengenbangan Kapasitas, Indonesian Mengajar), Joel Hohn (Australian Volunteers for International Development), Adele Booth (AVID).


Please register through Pentagon SMA 10 by April 20th. The maximum number of participants is 25.

Vlog Assignment 3: Instructions, Advice and Warning

Video Blog 3: How to survive at Pentagon High School

For this assignment you will be creating an instructional video in groups of 2. In this video you will teach someone how to survive at Pentagon High school.

Example video topics: how to survive a spider in the mandi, how to survive maths class, how to survive wild pigs and dogs, how to survive a power outage, how to survive the study room, how to be school principal, etc.

Advice for your video:

  • Make sure everyone talks! You need to have a conversation to show your listening skills.
  • Use the correct structure (introduction, instructions – with advice and warnings, conclusion).
  • Use instruction language learnt in class (from the ‘Giving Instructions Booklet’)
  • Test the video and sound quality before filming.

To submit:

  • 1 video blog (5-10 minutes long)
  • 1 storyboard
  • 1 evaluation

here are some examples:

A funny instructional video

A creative cooking video

Teaching someone internet slang

Good video production: how to survive a zombie apocalypse

How to learn Indonesian:

Movie Genre

Australian English: Opinions

Video Blog 2: Movie Review

Instructions for video blog (vlog):      

For this assignment you will be giving your opinion about a movie or TV show by filming a review. This will be done in groups of two or three. In the review, people must have different opinions about the movie. Make sure to:

  • complete the story board
  • structure your review (introduction, summary, critique, conclusion)
  • check the video quality (sound and picture)
  • write the evaluation


  • 1 video blog
  • 5-10 minutes long
  • 2-3 people per group
  • 1 evaluation

Here is an example of an Australian television program called At the Movies:

Do you know what the word genre means?


noun: genre; plural noun: genres
  1. a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.
    synonmys: category, class, classification, group, set, list

    Have a look at this image to see some different film genres

    Please answer the survey below, and leave a comment:

Introductions – Vlog 1

Video Blog 1: how well do you know your friend?

Instructions for video blog (vlog):

Make a video with a friend. Ask each other questions to see how well you know each other. Watch the example vlogs and use a creative approach in your own video.


  • 1 video blog and 1 evaluation
  • 2-5 min long
  • 2 people (work in pairs)
  • Submit on a USB (flash drive) in mp4 format

In lesson two we will be learning about storyboards. A storyboard is used to plan scenes in a movie. It can show the order in which events happen.

Here are three storyboards from famous movies. Can you guess which movies they are from?

frozen spiderman x men 2

Did you guess? The movies are: Frozen, Spiderman 2, and X Men.

Try making your own storyboard. Use three boxes to structure your video. Label each box ‘Beginning’ ‘Middle’ and ‘End.’ Have a look at the example below:



You will know if your storyboard is successful if:

  • it has an introduction, middle and an end
  • it has simple illustrations for each box
  • it has an explanation of how you will test each other
  • it has an explanation of the punishment for the loosing person
  • it has an explanation of how the video will end

There is a storyboard template available on the ‘Worksheets’ page.